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Zamperla Group is a premier worldwide leader in amusement ride manufacturing.

We design and build a wide range of attractions: from Family Rides to Roller Coaster , from Kiddie Rides to Thrill Rides and Water Rides .


Zamperla Group creates lasting memories of amusement all over the world.

With a rich history, Zamperla Group stands as a global leader in the entertainment industry, crafting iconic attractions that bring excitement and wonder to people of all ages.

We are driven by a relentless passion for innovation, continuously striving to deliver ever-more immersive and inclusive experiences.

At Zamperla Group, we believe that fun is a universal right, and everyone deserves to experience it. This belief fuels our commitment to creating a diverse and welcoming environment where everyone feels valued and included.

We foster a culture of collaboration and teamwork, in partnership with CAI, Zamperla coordinate and execute the planning and development of Luna Park in Coney Island.

Together, we are committed to shaping a brighter future for entertainment, one filled with laughter, excitement, and unforgettable memories for all.

Established by Antonio Zamperla in 1966, the group has evolved into a beacon of imaginative design and technological prowess.

A testament to this is our pivotal role in reviving the iconic Luna Park in Coney Island (NY) in 2010.

Today, Zamperla stands shoulder-to-shoulder with giants in the amusement industry: Disney, Universal Studios, Six Flags, Warner Bros, and Merlin Entertainment, to name a few.

Our focus is entertainment. We design and build attractions with passion, placing safety and quality at the forefront.

Our creations span a spectrum – from family-friendly attractions to pulse-pounding coasters, from kiddie rides to exhilarating water experiences.

Collaboration is at our core. Our team of engineers collaborates seamlessly with scenographers, creatives, and designers to craft genuine fun and lasting memories.

As an International Group, traversing the globe to connect with clients and bring the magic of our attractions to amusement parks worldwide is second nature.

Being a group is the quintessence of Zamperla.

It’s where our diverse elements merge into a cohesive whole, enabling us to excel across the spectrum. This fusion fuels our innovation, precision, and entertainment, culminating in exceptional experiences for all.


We understand that amusement is a serious matter, and the safety of those enjoying our rides is our top priority.

We embrace complete responsibility for our work, ensuring that every ride we create is not just thrilling but also safe. Because when it comes to fun, we leave no room for compromise.

With a global presence, we provide spare parts, assistance and support worldwide guaranteeing uninterrupted joy.

Welcome to Zamperla


Our history defines us, shaping the path to the future.



At the heart of our long-standing history and futuristic strides are our values: they define who we are, fueling our pride and constant evolution.

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    Innovation and Openness
    Innovation and Openness
    At Zamperla, innovation isn’t just a word; it’s a mindset.

    We look beyond our industry for inspiration, drawing on diverse technologies and a curious spirit to create groundbreaking attractions.
    Every challenge fuels our passion to craft unique experiences.

    Through open dialogue with clients and partners, we listen, learn, and adapt to push the boundaries of what's possible.

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    Full accountability
    Full accountability
    We Take Care.

    We take care of people – our employees, our clients, and the end-users who enjoy our rides. Our people knows that there is room to learn, mistakes are part of the journey, guidance is a constant, and collaborative support defines our culture.

    We are committed to our clients every step of the way.

    Moving people is a significant responsibility, and that's why we own it 100%.

    We have a global presence, ensuring availability in all time zones. Our commitment extends beyond the sale with meticulous post-sales support. We genuinely provide both safety and enjoyment.

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    Accessibility and inclusion
    Accessibility and inclusion
    At Zamperla, fun is for all

    We believe in the power of accessibility and inclusion, crafting rides that break down barriers and embrace every rider's unique abilities. We invest in cutting-edge design, research and engineering to make the joy of amusement accessible to everyone.

    This isn't just a mission for our rides, it's our company culture. We foster a collaborative environment where everyone's voice is valued, and diverse perspectives fuel our innovation.

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    Fun is our business

    We believe creating smiles is more than just amusement rides. It's about bringing joy to work too! Laughter and enthusiasm fuel our creativity in a stimulating, collaborative environment.

    We value every team member's unique perspective, because at Zamperla, family means going the extra mile together. Every day is a chance to make a difference - and have some fun doing it!