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Integrated Rides: A New Way to Experience Fun

June 17, 2024

What is Integrated Rides? 

Integrated Rides is a fusion of Zamperla's world-famous collection of flat rides combined with Zamperla’s roller coasters to create an immersive experience that maximizes capacity. This transformative concept takes traditional rides and turns them into narrative adventures, captivating audiences from the beginning to the end. 

Key Elements of Integrated Rides: 

  • Shareable Moments: Integrated Rides create memorable experiences that visitors can't wait to share, extending the park's reach. 


  • Increased Customer Spending: By creating entire themed areas with a handful of rides, parks can boost revenue through additional opportunities like food and beverage or themed retail, enhancing the overall guest experience. 


  • Kinetic Energy: Achieve more rides within the same space, maximizing the park's attractions and enhancing overall visitor satisfaction. 


  • Broad Demographic Appeal: Integrated Rides cater to a wide spectrum of visitors, accommodating both families and thrill-seekers within the same area. 

Integrated Rides is transforming the amusement park experience by leveraging Zamperla's exceptional theming capabilities, a diverse portfolio of attractions, and a continuous dialogue with the preferences of park-goers. 


Junior Coaster & Super Flumez at Adventureland Resort 

Junior Coaster and Super Flumez intertwined for an immersive experience. The result is a dynamic visual and kinetic energy that enhances the overall fun. 

Family Zone at Ferrari World 

The kiddie area at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi features three family attractions (a Windstarz, a Speedway and a Sky Tower 15) and a Junior Coaster within a compact footprint, offering a burst of fun.  

Junior Coaster & Super Flumez at Luna Park in Coney Island 

The Luna Park installation stands as a perfect example of Integrated Rides. By combining Tony’s Express, a Junior Coaster, and Leti’s Treasure, a Super Flumez, we created an experience where both attractions share a common entrance and structure.  

Magic Bikes & Junior Coaster at Wallibi Holland 

Integrated into the Junior Coaster's first drop, the Magic Bikes showcase Zamperla's diverse ride portfolio, expertly tailored to offer immersive theming to a wide range of people. 



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